A Look at Life from a Deer Stand

Steve Chapman is my favorite outdoor writer.  His book, A Look at Life from a Deer Stand, offers a unique perspective on God, family and relationships.  In the book, Steve weaves his knowledge of hunting in with reflections about life and his relationship to God.

Besides teaching you patience, hunting enables you to think about life and where you are heading.  Steve has written down his “deer stand” thoughts and shares them in a down-home, humorous way.  A few years ago, I met Steve and heard him speak at a wild game supper.  The man loves deer hunting, and he loves God.  He left me laughing, but also pondering his words.  The power of one man’s stories and experiences can be a valuable teaching tool.

Although the book relates many of Steve’s outdoor adventures, this is not a “how-to” book about hunting.  But it will start you thinking about a greater hunt, a hunt we should all join.  Hope you can get a copy of the book.  Click here to order directly from Steve’s website or you can find it on http://www.amazon.com.

Perhaps God has shown you something on the deer stand, or on the trail, or on the mountain top.  I would love to hear about what God is showing you.

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