Poem for my daughter

For the Love of a Horse

by Scott Johnson

For the love of a horse a girl does smile.

She motions the steed with outstretched hand,

As he clip-clops for a while.

And the young lady issues no further demand.


He paws proudly now in Georgia red clay,

As she strokes him, pats him and tells him – good boy!

For this is their routine, their way.

And no one steals their joy.


The sun retreats over a still horizon,

Proclaiming the day complete.

The young woman holds her horse, eyes to the sun

And awaits tomorrow – a reunion, a repeat.


Innocence shines clearly from both their eyes,

As the glowing ball descends.

And God looks down thru clear dusk skies.

His love for creation deepens.


This girl and her horse make quite a pair

And their mutual affection’s quite inspiring.

The care, the friendship, the bond they share.

It’s clean, it’s pure and most desiring.


God is well pleased with unfailing love.

Toward us He’s shown this freely.

This horse is truly a gift from above

And my daughter, my love, I cherish you completely.


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