Heaven’s Bay

Heaven’s Bay

by Scott Johnson

Endless trails lead to dark forests.

Shadows haunt my next escape.

Where will this path lead me?

Could there be a better way?

Oh relentless hound—Heaven’s Bay.


The eternal hound bounds softly now,

Upon the hard packed soil—my heart.

His cry sounds through whistling wind.

Is this my time—this my day?

Who can outrun Heaven’s Bay?


The howling grows louder now.

I run now with failing might.

I’m cornered—no way around.

Hairs bristled, the eye’s fiery display

Forever caught by Heaven’s Bay.


He lifts his muzzle skyward.

A rapturous melody fills the air.

The Hunter’s not far behind.

I weep now in fallen dismay.

My fears made tears by Heaven’s Bay.


The tireless dog stares into me.

My surrendered soul slumps down.

The chase is over; oh futile flight.

Tender feet ache; these feet made of clay.

Grace—the sweet sound of Heaven’s Bay.

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