Camping Tips – Part 2

Camping Checklist

Welcome once again to the camping world.  Next time you plan that car camping trip, use this checklist.  I know from experience that it’s next to impossible to remember every item you will need.  Use my list as a starting point, and build on it.  Some of these items may be optional depending on your particular campsite or situation.  If you camp very often, it’s a great idea to store these items in portable totes.  Don’t forget to throw this list in one of the totes for future reference.

  • Camping tent,  sleeping bags, ground tarp
  • Sleeping pads or mattress, pillows
  • Flashlights, camping lantern, rope, hammer
  • Appropriate clothes, raingear, swimsuit, hat
  • Camp stove, fuel, kitchen items, utensils
  • Pots, pans, cooking spray, resealable bags, cups
  • Can opener, aluminum foil, tablecloth, dish rag
  • Trash bags, soap, ice chest, paper towels
  • Camping food, plates, forks, spoons, seasonings
  • Five gallon water jug (if drinking water is not available)
  • Firewood, waterproof matches, lighter, charcoal, grill
  • First aid kit, multi tool, duct tape, knife, bug spray
  • Tent seam sealant, saw, axe, broom, sunglasses
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, pain reliever
  • Camera, daypack, binoculars, compass, GPS
  • Camping table, camping chairs, hiking stick
  • Games, cards, fishing gear, books

Happy camping!!


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