Let’s Get Wild

The other day my company held the best safety meeting ever.  We had Steve Scruggs, a.k.a. The SnakeMaster, perform a presentation, using live venomous and non-venomous snakes.  The name of the program is “Snakes Alive,” and he shows off some beautiful snakes, native to Georgia.

He teaches facts and myths and carefully handles several different species.  He’ll even allow the audience to hold some of the non-venomous snakes.  Did you know that you should NOT suck venom out of a bite?  Instead, wrap it with an elastic bandage (not too tight), keep the wound below the heart and get the victim to a hospital as soon as possible.  Most snakes we encounter are non-venomous, and Steve will teach you how to identify the venomous ones.

  • Can a cottonmouth (water moccasin) bite under water?  Yes.
  • Lightning kills many more people every year than snakes do.  True
  • Which snakes are immune to rattlesnakes?  The Kingsnake.
  • “Red on yellow kills a fellow.”  What snake matches with this phrase?  Coral

For the hunters, Steve demonstrates the effectiveness of snake boots.  He allows a rattlesnake to actually strike at his boot.  He offered several tips to fishermen on how to spot a cottonmouth and what to do should you wander into this snake’s territory.

Check out Steve’s organization:  Let’s Get Wild—Outdoor Education for the Next Generation.  Steve has created several unique outdoor educational programs. He also conducts a kid’s camp called Outdoor Wilderness Camp.  Click on the following link to see his website:  www.letsgetwild.net

Steve’s organization strives to keep young people interested in God’s creation.  Several of his programs are performed for church youth groups and scout troops.  How about you?  What are your ideas for keeping our children plugged into the outdoors?

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