A Time to Kill

You may think I’m talking about John Grisham’s novel.  A Time to Kill was Grisham’s first novel, but not the most successful.  Rejected by several publishers, the book was eventually published by Wynwood Press in 1989; they only printed a modest 5000 copies.  The book relates the racial strife in Clanton, Mississippi and centers on a father who takes revenge when his daughter is brutally raped.

You may think I’m talking about the killing of animals.  True, before modern conservation efforts, several animals were hunted to extinction.  Whole species were annihilated.  Now, extinction isn’t always a bad thing.  I mean, can you imagine sabre-tooth tigers or tyrannosaurus rex roaming the countryside?  That would certainly put a damper on our outdoor activities.  I’m not sure what caliber rifle would even take down a t-rex.  Scary thought.

Some find it difficult to believe that killing animals can actually save them; many love to debate this hot topic.  However, no one can deny the affects and benefits of modern conservation programs.  The comeback of whitetail deer and turkey populations boasts a huge success story.  Sportsman and conservationists pour millions of dollars into programs that protect and develop wildlife habitat.  Good management programs also promote wildlife health and protect the gene pool.

A century ago, unregulated hunting and poor land-use practices severely depressed white-tail deer numbers.  By 1930, estimates suggest the deer population around 300,000.  Thanks to modern-day sportsman and conservationists, the white-tail’s numbers have surged to around 30 million across the United States.  Would it surprise you to know that they are the most dangerous animal in America?  Why?  Vehicle collisions.

You might think I’m talking about engaging in war.  Yes, there is a time to make war.  God has put authorities in place to decide this.  He still controls the kings and the nations.

No, I’m not talking about taking revenge on telemarketers, door-to-door salesman, talk show hosts or reality TV show producers.

So, what am I going on and on about?  I am talking about Jesus.  When the time came, the Father allowed His only Son to be killed.  Amazing, don’t you think?  God planned this historic and sacred event from the dawn of time.  No man or group planned this—God did.  Jesus even forgave the ones who placed Him on the cross.  They carried out the execution, but God planned it.  He loved us that much.  Ironic, isn’t it?  One innocent Man—God in the flesh—had to die so we might have abundant and eternal life.  Because of Jesus’s death on the cross, you and I can receive forgiveness and grow spiritually in numbers and health.  The Master Conservationist has spear-headed the greatest movement known to man—go make disciples of all nations.  I don’t know about you, but I find my knees hitting the floor.  This God truly deserves our worship and praise.

How about you?  Do you praise Him for what He’s done?


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