God-Real or Fiction?

In my novel, The Guide, Jack Lindsey believes God does not exist.  Jack is a lawyer who needs evidence and facts.  Like many people, he lives to get the most out of life.  Let’s face it:  if you don’t believe there is a God, then Jack’s philosophy about life makes better sense.  Eat, drink and sleep with Mary.  But how does anyone prove the existence or non-existence of God?  And if we do believe in Him, doesn’t that obligate us to worship Him and live for Him?  Then a huge majority of people either don’t care or remain skeptical, living through life undecided about His existence.

Okay, so how do we know for sure?  It boils down to faith.  Wait a minute—what about science? Hasn’t science settled the question?  What if I told you that science just operates on a more “sophisticated” faith.  What do I mean by that?

Science grows and expands based on a huge amount of facts and information.  It continues to build its case on those facts and discoveries made through history.  But science always reserves the right to change its mind if new facts come to light.  Take the atom.  Are you sure you know what an atom looks like?  I bet you’re thinking back to what your high school teacher showed you in a textbook.  But this is only a model of the real thing.  Do we believe atoms exist—of course?  We have all kinds of ways to describe them, predict their effects, but no one has actually seen an atom.  Sounds like faith to me!  Did you know there are new theories being postulated about the atom?

So what about God?  Is He truth or fiction?  Can I prove Him?  Do I need to?  The Bible defines faith as having an assurance or conviction about the truth—even if that truth is unseen or unprovable.  Don’t forget—we have science because we have scientists.  They are simply people with strong convictions about the truth.  Can anyone really argue about a person’s convictions—no?  My point:  something inside us “knows” that God exists and He’s real.

Put the remote down.  Yeah, you heard me—put the remote down.  Turn the TV off, turn the computer off.  Forget about those dishes for a while (yay!).  Now take a step into the backyard, and sit down for a minute.  Look around you at the trees, the grass, the birds and the sky.  You say, “Scott, it’s dark out.”  That’s even better.  Look at that brilliant moon and stars.

Think about this:  either all of this matter and energy came from nothing into existence, or it’s been here forever.  You heard me—forever.  Now take just a minute and really ponder that—it will blow your mind away.  How does something appear from nothing, and for that matter, how does something exist forever.  My point:  if we can believe one of these ideas about matter and energy (and one must be true), then why is it so hard for us to believe God exists?

What are your thoughts about God’s existence?

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One Response to God-Real or Fiction?

  1. bwinwnbwi says:

    Early on I identified with agnosticism, – an escape from what I had been taught. But, I continued to study religion–aesthetic traditions, philosophy of, and Christianity. However, the religion/God that, for me, is spot on, not only affirms God’s existence, but also demonstrates a consistency and coherence with events— predictable scientific events.


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