Evil In The Crosshairs

Welcome to my site.  I have spent about 3 years writing my first novel–The Guide. It’s been a blast and I’ve learned a lot about writing.  I thank my wife and family for their patience and support.  I also want to thank my dad.  I borrowed several elements from his travels in Alaska as a wildlife biologist.

Jesus used the medium of stories and parables to explain some important truths about Himself and God’s kingdom.  Interestingly though,  He spent some time explaining those stories to his closest followers.  In similar fashion, I’ve chosen to use the channel of a story to share a great message.  I do not claim to supersede or enhance what God has already shared through His Word, but hope that my story will drive people to thirst after that sacred Book.  This blog is my way of explaining and unveiling  my book and expounding on God’s Word.

Though fictional or allegorical accounts hardly reflect the infinite God, I hope you can glean a new perspective of His great love.  His Son remains the epicenter of that great love and the source of a powerful gift.  Christ sent us His precious Holy Spirit.  That Spirit guides us to this day, convicting us of our sin and leading us down life’s dangerous trails.  When evil rushes in, He walks beside us and backs us up.  He shows us how to hit the mark and how to endure or forsake the temptations of this world.  He has evil in the crosshairs.

God reveals Himself always through nature.  Just go outdoors and look around.  The heavens declare the glory of God.  I chose this setting for my book because it’s a place I’m comfortable with and a place I encourage people to return.  I believe He created this great outdoor cathedral so that our eyes would gaze up and take notice of Him.  Our precious Lord found this true even in His own life as He sought God early and usually outdoors.

Thanks for joining me as we walk down this rugged path.  Trust me–the views at the top are spectacular.

Scott Johnson

The Guide

Front book cover still in progress

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